Updated 08/27/08

Slowly I am adding the occasional content to this website again and revamping here and there and updating a bit there and here.  The site is still, for the most part just an archive, and is not really undergoing any active development.  However, when the mood strikes me, I tend to it, and add and update to it.


The Video Games section, for example, has been revamped somewhat.  I have designed the layout to work better with todays higher resolution monitors.  I also added a slew of YouTube clips to that page illustrating the individual games.  In most cases, that is simply the intro cinematic from the game or sometimes a trailer.  However, there are a few devations from that scheme.  The Johnny Mnemonic Videogame, for example, shows a comical review of the game with lots of footage.  The Matrix Online also gets a review video (though a more clinical one), and The Matrix: Path of Neo has a sneak peak at one of the strange comical changes they made to the ending of the game.


The games section isn't the only place that got YouTubed.  I also took the time to create a "Gentleman Loser" YouTube page that I was able to upload footage from the Japanese release of Johnny Mnemonic.  That video is viewable below, but it also is on the Johnny Mnemonic miniPage.  Also on the JM miniPage is the graphical footage of the Japanese DVD Menu and Special Features in a downloadable .zip file.



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