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Rise of the Dragon

  After the introduction is over, you find yourself in your room. First, go to the computer terminal in the far right hand corner of your room. Turn it on and read your messages (using the remote control to help you control the terminal). When you have read the three messages, remove your ID card from the slot on the from of the machine. Take the picture from the fax on the left side of the machine. Get the gun clip that is on the left corner of the desk. Next get your clothes off the floor. Put them on. Get your coat from the rack. Next go into the bathroom and open the cabinet and get the first aid kit and the mace.

  Leave the apartment and take the elevator down. Go to the video terminal and click on city hall. Talk to the lady tending the flowers. Buy roses and give her your id card to pay. Pick up both the roses and the card and proceed left. Talk to the China man next to her. He just rambles but what the hell. Continue to the left and enter city hall. Go into the Records area, when the secretary stops you tell her you are there to see Karyn and then proceed. Once in records, talk to the second lady. Make a date for 7:15 that night and give her the flowers. She will give you your keys.

  Leave Records and proceed back to your apartment. Enter your apartment and use the keys to unlock the cabinet above the sink. Remove the four bombs, candy bar and line tester.

  Leave your apartment and go to the Pleasure dome. Talk to the studs at the door and then enter. You don't have to bother to talk to anyone in the first room. It is just a waste of time. Click on the bar sign in the back right corner of the first room and you will enter the bar. Go to the Black guy in the green shirt at the back left of the bar. Tell him you are looking for the Jake and give him the candy bar when he asks for hardware. He will now spill his guts to you. Tell him Chandi is dead and show him the picture for proof. He will give you Chen Lu's address.

  Leave the Pleasure dome and go to Chen Lu's apartment. When you arrive don't waste any time looking at anything. Go strait for the television set and remove the ID card and leave QUICKLY! Chen Lu is kicking around on the floor dying from one to many patches on his writhing body but that's not our problem. You will see the police calling in a break-in and dispatching units to that address.

  Leave Chen Lu's and go to Karyns Apartment - We have a date. Go to the inventory screen and fast forward using the arrows at the top until it is 7:00. Karen will let us in and a night of pleasure will follow. Karyn gives us a little and then we get back on the case.

  In the morning, go back to Chen Lu's apartment. The police have left and the door is locked. Use Chen Lu's ID card to open the door and then enter (after taking his card back). Read the messages on His Video Phone and then enter the slender door on the right center of the screen. Take the patch off of the counter and then leave. Now go into the bedroom. Go to the dragon and push each eye. The dragon will sink into the floor and expose a wall safe. Open the safe with the combination of 0772. (This was deduced from the last four digits of each of the three numbers that we got off of the Video Phone). Take the paper and the candy bar.  

  Leave Chen Lu's and go to the Paradise club and talk to Jake again. Ask him the word on the street and he tells us some more information we will need.

  Leave the Paradise club and head for city hall. When you get to the flower lady and the old China man, go right instead of left. Go into the alley to the left of the turbine and enter the window that says "Keep Out". Talk to Chang Li and give him the paper from the safe. He blabs up a storm and then gives you a book, a rock, a fortune cookie and bullet proof vest.

  Leave this area and go to city hall. Go and see Karyn again and show her Chen Lu's ID card. She gives you information about Jonny Qwong and the Snake. Also give her the M.T.Z. patch to have analized.

  Leave city hall and go to Jonni Qwong's house. Go down the man hole and click on the electronic box on the left side of the canal. Attach one of your bombs on the lock and blow it open. Put your electrical tester on it and attach the wires exactly as I describe below: When the two meters read 0, click the yellow wire on the second wire up on the left hand side. This wire is green. No lights should flash on the tester - if they do, you did it wrong. Take it off and try it again. Next attach the blue wire to the end of the black wire right where it attaches to the pipe. Again, no lights should flash on the tester. Last, attach the red wire to the small blue wire to the left of the round cylinder. The green light should now be lit.

  Leave the sewer and go back to your apartment. Go back to your video phone and read messages again. You now get a message from Deng Hwang. After reading it, take your card. Now move your pillow on the bed. Take the gun under it. Take off your coat and put on your bullet proof vest.

  Leave your apartment and go towards City Hall, when you get to the flower lady and China man screen, go right instead of left. When you get back in this alley by the turbine, exit through the now open gate located just above your inventory marker. Look in the window in the door - to your surprise, you are at the factory! Next click on the power meters and place a bomb on the second one from the left. KABOOM! you just bought some time and really miffed off some bad guys.

  Leave the alley and go right home. Drop your gun on the bed and check your messages. There is now a new one for Jonny Qwong. (The reason we are leaving our gun is if we take it to the pleasure dome, we loose it!).

  Leave home and go to the pleasure dome to talk to Jake. He is upset and won't talk right now but promises to call with valuable information.

  Leave the pleasure dome and go back home. Click on the inventory screen and advance the clock an hour or two until you see the "meanwhile" situation where Jonny Qwong bites it and until you get some much needed sleep. (If you are not at your home or Karyns when you sleep - you get robbed of much of your inventory)  Get your gun because that Hombre Snake is after your butt.

  Go to city hall and retrieve the analysis tape from Karyn. Go talk to the secretary an tell her you have urgent information for the mayor. When she declines, Damit this is important. She will let you in.

  Once talking to the mayor, argue with him until he gives you the pass. Take the pass and go next door to the Police station.
  In the police station, go to the armory and get a rifle. Then leave the police station and return home.

 Stay home and advance the clock until you see Karyn be kidnapped. Continue to advance until a message is on your phone (red light will flash) from Jake.

  Leave home and go to the warehouse (to the right of the flower lady) advance the clock until Jake appears. Save your game. The game now goes into a funky arcade type game until you win it - or get frustrated and tell it to win for you. Jake will now give you a ID card and a machine gun.

  Arm yourself with the machine gun and go to the reservoir. Shoot all of the guys that are shooting at you. When you have killed all of them, Enter the hover car. Click on the screen in the car and select Deng Hwangs.

  Once on the roof at Deng Hwangs,take the elevator down. Tell the receptionist you are the repair man. When she says she is going to verify it, tell her you wish she wouldn't. Next proceed to the security room (to the left). Click on the control panel to get a closer look. Unlock the holding area, janitor area, and the roof. Lock the break room. Turn off the 100KV switch. Turn off the alarm system. It will ask you for an ID card or a Manual combination. Use the sequence on the fortune cookie to get you through. (RYPYWPYRPWRYPBW). Go back out to the reception area and proceed into the door on the other side of the desk.

  In this hall, go in the first door to your left. Use screwdriver to take the cover off of the switch box. Now pull the wires out. Leave this room now.

  Go into the second door on the left. Karyn is in this mean looking dentist chair from hell. Take the wires you just got in room number one and put them across her chest. Zoom in and pull one of the wires on the collar. Karyn will be saved and you will proceed to the last room where the lions are at the door.

  Again save your game. you enter another of those funky arcade sequences. Play until you win or get frustrated and tell it to win it for you. When you have finished this, the game is over! Watch the closing scenes and hold your breath. We know that there will be another sequel coming out soon!
As the beginning of this wealkthrough should have made abundantly clear.  I did not write this walkthru, I donwloaded it and hosted it on my site.  Once again, not mine.  I did not write this walkthru.