Author's WebPages

William Gibson - William Gibson's Website.  With a Blog!

Neal Stephenson's Page - Self explanatory.

Mirrorshades Postmodern Archive - Bruce Sterling's (and Jon Lebkowsky's) own little part of The Well.

Jeff Noon - The apparently publisher-driven official Jeff Noon site.

James Patrick Kelly - Strange but not a stranger, the bizarre world of one of the early greats!

Rudy Rucker's Home Page - His page, with all kinda wacked out math stuff.  One strange fellow.

Greg Egan's Homepage - The homepage of Greg Egan, writer of the very cool Permutation City.

John Shirley - An original of the cyberpunks, but not really my cup 'o tea, so I know little about him.


Author Fan Pages

William Gibson aleph - A very complete site on William Gibson.  Amazing and Gibson approved.  I have contributed resources to this site.

Bruce Sterling Online Index - A website with articles, speeches, Ect. relating to Sterling.

The Pat Cadigan Homepage - A site with the standard info about Pat Cadigan.  Book covers, biography, Ect.


General Cyberpunk Websites

The Cyberpunk Project - Keep your brain connected to this site.  UPDATE: Site apparently taken offline for personal reasons.

The Cyberspace and Critical Theory Overview - Another big wealth of cyberpunk stuff, right out of the blue.  Lots of analysis.

English 309K - Cyberpunk Fiction - A big site covering a cyberpunk fiction course at the University of Texas - Austin.

M. Alan Kazlev's Cyberpunk Page - Another person's cyberpunk site, with a cool picture on the index page...bonus!

Duke of Hell - This site has undergone quite a bit of a face lift!  It has became a very well put together site.  Quite complete.

Cyberpunk Authors - A very (in my opinion, over-comprehensive) comprehensive list of cyberpunk authors.

Fuchsia Shockz - A cyberpunk site with, well, lots of weird weird stuff.

The Infinite Matrix - Not an exclusively cyberpunk site, but still has a lot of cyberpunk content.

EFF Cyberpunk Archive - EFF's Cyberpunk page, simple, short and sweet.


Cyberpunk Culture

Betterhumans - Kind of a post-human think-tank.  Definite cyberpunk overtones.

Boing Boing - A little off-topic, but still a site to check out.

Settore Cyberpunk e-zine - Cyberpunk web-zine, kinda cool, but has not been updated in a long time.

Alt.Cyberpunk - The cyberpunk newsgroup.

Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo - Cool literary cyberpunk newsgroup.


Cyberpunk Science

Artificial Vision - A website about the work of Wm. H. Dobelle in interfacing a video camera into the visual cortex.

Keven Warwick - Weird guy who puts chips in his arm to see what kind of data can be sent in and out.  Quite an eccentric guy.

Neuroprosthetic Research Laboratory - A neuroposthetics lab out of the Illinois Institute of Technology.

The Next Brainiacs - A Wired article about motor cortex implants and prosthetic limbs.

Vision Quest - A Wired article about the Dobelle visual prosthetic.


Cyberpunk in the Commercial Aspect

The Matrix - The official website of The Matrix movies.  A gigantic collection of media.  Very cool, but you already knew that...

in the Shell - A really good Ghost in the Shell site.  Covers everything you may want to know about this great work.

System Shock 2 HQ - The best site for System Shock 2(a cyberpunk video game), hands down.

Cyberpunk 2020 - Website for the R. Talsorian game, Cyberpunk 2020.

GURPS Cyberpunk - The website for Steve Jackson Games' GURPS Cyberpunk RPG Game.


The Independents (Independent Artists of Various Mediums)

Cyberpunk Film - A unique film group.  They made the pretty cool documentary thingy, 'The Cyberpunk Educator'

The Radiant Press - An independent publisher that seems to focus on pulp/mystery stories.  Their book 'Mr. Blur' blends in cyberpunk as well.

Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology - Short stories from the newsgroups compiled into an anthology

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