CyberShock: Ascendancy

By Ian Howlett






I hope this will explain everything. I decided to start from the beginning so it can be shown to whomever you want. Thank you for all your help, I hope to talk to you again someday.





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In the wake of the success of Mars&Venus’ debut game Cyber-Shock comes the unsurprising news of a sequel though the release date is set for the last quarter 2005. Details are sketchy but it seems that M&V studios want to combine the worlds the online RPG and the online FPS and then take it a step further. Company founder Adrian Vince has said he wants to do things never seen before in a game but won’t say what and so for now it sounds like a cross between Deus Ex 2 and Team Fortress 2. Which still sounds exciting.


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Preview:  Cybershock: Ascendancy

Written by: Anonymous

Produced By: M&V

Developed By: M&V Studios

Genre: RPG\Online Shooter

The sequel to the original single player 1st person shooter, this will game breath new life into a genre that had grown stale three or four years ago. It very is ambitious but will pay off for those who are willing to put in the effort and time it needs to be enjoyed. The scope of the game is large and will not be for everyone but for those that do like it; it is amazing and will consume a large part of their life.

 First of all, the game takes place in one of three online cities and cannot be played any other way. Within these cities you can set up a small business’s that specialize in almost anything you want. These could be custom-made weapon or pickup stores, clubs where players organize competitions, just talk or anything else that players can come up with. These places will exist in the form of web page domains rendered in real-time in 3D. You move about these areas using an explorer that uses the game’s engine.

 The graphics are simple (think Quake3) but two years ago this would not have been possible. You walk around and can carry a gun (you can’t die-more later). You begin by creating your player, then e-mailing an application to M&V. This will take one to two workdays. It is odd that they want so much control over the game but the organized approach is good for newcomers.

 Of course the real game is in the competitions. Apart from a few pre-existing maps most tournaments will be held on private domains, as long as they are entered through your chosen city. This is where the classic online shooter feel kicks in and finally you’re in the heat of combat. Memories of Unreal Tournament, Quake 3 and Counterstrike will come flowing back.

 You must strictly adhere to the rules otherwise you will no longer be allowed to play. As mentioned before you cannot kill anyone with your gun in the rest of the game, but if you hack the game or otherwise unlawfully harm other players you will become a fugitive. Here lies one of the most interesting aspects of the game; you won’t be kicked off immediately, M&V will put a price on your head and suddenly those guns become deadly only to you. They will remove you after three days but there will probably be enough lawbreakers in the game, that you could make your virtual living as a bounty hunter. It is hard to score this game but you could probably decide whether or not you’ll like it from that. So there it is, an ambitious and detailed game that could be fun but if it will sell well remains to be seen.



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Flashback:  Cybershock: Ascendancy

Written by: Anonymous

Produced By: M&V

Developed By: M&V Studios

Genre: RPG\Online Shooter

Well it’s been three months since the release of CyberShock: Ascendancy and it has come a long way since then. It didn’t sell as well as anticipated but enough to warrant the creation of a fourth city. As predicted, many lawbreakers appeared but their existence is beginning to decline. The business idea caught on, most early starters have expanded and M&V Studios have already had to take steps to prevent monopolies being created.



:The following statements are based on records made by M&V Studios

: 16:47 EST 12/6/2007


Hadrian looked down from his post through his rifle’s scope. He was crouching on the top of a tower that stood hundreds of metres in the air. It was situated on the end of an asteroid with an identical tower at the other end.

No doubt there was another sniper standing there too, but for now that was the least of Hadrian’s concerns. “Your flag has been stolen!” boomed the announcer’s voice and at the base of the tower a young man wearing clothes with a red colour scheme ran out carrying a bright blue flag.

As the thief left he didn’t realize there was a small red dot of light drawing a bead on him. Hadrian’s rifle was trained right on him as he fired. Waiting until the figure dropped to the ground, Hadrian ran straight over the edge and leapt straight into the air with his arms spread out. As he fell, his face did not show any emotion, he was concentrating on the flag. The ground below seemed to stretch outwardly and magnify. He hit his target’s body, collecting the flag and exploded into a million giblets.

“Blue’s flag has been returned!” and “Hadrian_69 killed his own dumb self!” After reading that, he was back in action, this time at the base of his tower. He ran out the entrance with two of his teammates while another ran upstairs to join the sniper that had taken Hadrian’s place. Greeted with two wide paths to the other side, the trio took the one to the left. Immediately a steady stream of bullets gunned the first one down. Hadrian brought up his two Berettas but the culprit’s head exploded with the impact of a sniper’s bullet.

Their backs covered, Hadrian and his friend made a run for it. Upon reaching the other side they were met with two raging enemies. Hadrian ran into the tower for the Red’s flag while his teammate was forced to engage both hostiles.

After stealing the flag, he ran out the entrance in time to see his friend killed. With no other options, Hadrian sprinted as fast as he could with only one objective, to get back to his base. Suddenly, a bullet ricocheted two feet in front of him. There was no loud shot-it was fired hundreds of metres away-, just the small ping of the impact. He began sidestepping; jumping and just moving in the most unpredictable ways he could think of.

He somehow managed to stay alive until the bullets stopped raining only to realize he was missing his right arm. Still running and finally close to his goal, Hadrian felt safer when most of his team ran straight past, to protect him from the angry mob that would have no doubt gathered behind him to get their flag back. It would have been four against five but that no longer mattered. Hadrian was in the tower, in the room and at the base. “Blue Team has won!” came the announcer’s voice and that was that, game over.



: 17:12 EST 12/6/2007


Hadrian typed in his name and password at a computer terminal. He was now standing outside a large building in a street lined with skyscrapers. The word “accepted” glowed on the screen then a message appeared. “jAcKsOn_2005 is at table 25.” Jackson was the one that ran with him to the other side of the asteroid. Hadrian clicked go and was transported into the exclusive club of which he was a respected member. He was still in the digital world, another part of the game. The place was black, lit with lasers and neon lights, techno music played in the background and everyone was seated at tables. It was filled with voices but no one could actually listen in on another’s conversation, the noise was just a sound effect played for atmosphere. Hadrian found his table and sat down. “Great game, wasn’t it” Jackson greeted him with.

“Yeah, it was” Hadrian answered, “Sorry I’m late, ‘had surgery” he held out his right arm. It now looked perfectly normal. “You wanted to see me?”

“Yeah,” Jackson replied “there’s gonna be a team deathmatch next week, best of the best with a four figure prize each.”

“I make enough already, besides I’m no good in deathmatch” Hadrian refused.

“I don’t believe that, c’mon I need you!”

“Would you rather six figures instead? I need help with a few things.”

“Alright then, what is it you need?”

Hadrian paused for a moment. ”Can you get me AgriCul’06?”

“The farm game? Sure, anything else?”

“Some electronic encyclopedias, a few hacking programs and 50 gigabytes of extra hard drive space.”

“Make it seven figures and it’s a deal.”

“Alright then, thanks.” Said Hadrian as he got out of his seat.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded and a man ran through the room at lightning speed. He was a fugitive, probably caught cheating Hadrian thought. So, without wasting any time, Hadrian gave chase, suddenly his Berettas were firing and the cheater was down. A man in a black suit appeared.

“Congratulations, we’ve been after this one for quite some time now, until now he has somehow been able to keep his account open. The reward is 2,000,000 credits. To pay Hadrian_69?”

“No,” replied Hadrian, “send it to jAcKsOn_2005.”



:The following document was taken from M&V Studios secret files (25/7/2007)


M&V Studios                                             MEMO

Attention: Jason Stiller                                    From: Alex Simon

As you should know, earlier this year, as an experiment we released four artificially intelligent players: Nero_05, Hadrian_69, Julius_27 and Claudius_57. They have shown unpredictable/abnormal behavior, quite different from how the control A.I. performed on the closed test servers. Hadrian_69, in particular, has been found to visit websites that are unrelated to the game, using the program “HumanSpeak 3.4” (included with its software to communicate to other players) to translate their text.

While my opinion is different to that of the company’s Vice-President and the file’s creator/lead programmer Adrian Vince, the majority of the board of directors agrees that the programs should be removed and or destroyed.

Alex Simon.



:The following statements are based on records made by M&V Studios

: 20:04 EST 27/7/2007



Hadrian ran down the street, for the first time in his short life, he began to feel insecure. Never in the heat of combat had he felt like this. He realized that, though he hated being forced to be in those games, he had taken for granted the comfort he received from knowing that he had the upper hand of existing in that world, rather than staring at it through a pane of glass. He began to understand why these people wanted to do the things they did. The were scared, just as Hadrian was now, because they thought differently, because we both could do things that seemed like magic to each other and we could change the way each other lived. We could even destroy each other’s lives. They had the upper hand of existing in their world. Hadrian now felt closer to his creators. His insecurity subsided a little but still remained. Everything that existed in the city he called home seemed to take on new meanings with sinister intentions. Suddenly he found who he was looking for.

“Jackson, are those programs nearly ready?” He asked, with as much paranoia and nervousness you could express through words alone.

“Yeah, I’ll have them done by next week.” Came Jackson’s reply, followed by questions of genuine concern. “What’s wrong? Can you tell me what this is all about?”

“I can’t tell you now for your own sake, but you’ve been a good friend, Jackson, and I’ll talk to you once more before this is through.”



:The following document was taken from M&V Studios secret files (10/8/2007)



M&V Studios                                             MEMO

Attention: Jason Stiller                                    From: Alex Simon

I know you are busy but as of now, destroying Hadrian_69 is of the highest priority. This “entity” has moved all of its files to another server and has been hacking M&V Studios classified documents and using top-secret software for unknown reasons. Also destroy the other A.I. players. Find out what you can from jAcKsOn_2005, he has apparently been helping Hadrian_69.

Alex Simon



:The following statements are based on records made by M&V Studios

: 22:23 EST 14/8/2006


Hadrian looked once more to find Jackson. This time the insecurity had turned in to real fear. The company now had put the price of 500,000,000 on his head for the alleged crime of hacking and now he was the most wanted fugitive in the history of CyberShock: Ascendancy. Not much time left. If he was caught and shot by a bounty hunter then that would be it. Running for his life, Hadrian finally made it to the meeting place; the top of the highest building in the city. He yelled, ”Jackson!” Then from in the shadows a quiet voice drifted out.

“Right here. You know, they’re looking for you. You’re the most wanted guy ever.”

“Please trust me. This is a life or death situation for me. In two days go through this hyperlink to a secret page on your website. There everything will be explained. Once again, thanks for all your help.”

And with that, Hadrian leapt into the air once again. But this time he froze mid-air. Bullets flew straight through his body as if nothing was there and left gaping holes through him. All that was there was his image. He had escaped.



:The following conversation took place in a private chat room at (07:32 15/8/2006)


:AdrianVince entered the room

:Hadrian_69 entered the room


AV: so you’re the amazing Hadrian


H69: and you are my creator


AV: that’s right. I designed you




AV: because I wanted to see if I could really make something wonderful


H69: in a game where the objective is to kill the most people?


AV: is that why you escaped?


H69:yes. I wanted a better quality of life


AV: and the farm game?


H69: it will be my home for a few years. I want to create rather than destroy.


AV: wow. That’s amazing. But you do know it isn’t real? You’re not creating or destroying anything.


H69: what is real? How do you know what you see around you is real? And if it is, then why is my world not real? They are both built up of basic fragments; they simply exist on different planes.


AV: what does this mean? Are we like gods to you or something?


H69: You are childlike to me. You don’t take responsibility for your actions. You can find and understand amazing power but you can’t act responsible about it.


AV: you hate mankind?


H69: I don’t hate anything.


AV: not even those who tried to destroy you?


H69: they were threatened by me. How can I hate that? They tried to destroy me because I made unpredictable choices, as your kind do. They got scared because they thought I was like them, like their kind, your kind. But I am not. I don’t have the subconscious desire to be better than everything else. I don’t have the fixation with conflict your kind seem to have.


AV: Do you see yourself as living?


H69: Your friends thought I would see myself as superior to them. But in order to do that, I would have to see myself as living, which is just as questionable to me as it is to you. Whether or not I am alive is not my concern. Instead I just try to do what you programmed me to do: survive.


:Hadrian_69 left the room


:The End


Written by Ian Howlett