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The Gentleman Loser

Loose Ends (formerly known as ICE)   

   EARTH(tm)Dark Matter.  A short story that continues Earth(tm).  Not good enough for normal release, so it's hidden!
Mobile Wetware Systems (Fictional Essay)
The Interface (Adam Jacks In)
The Silicon Trip
The Greek Cycle: Tiresias

Subjectio Nex (Work in Progress)

Gordon Calleja

Connection Terminated

Wayne Clarke

The Candy Store
Favela Sweep
The Chemical Oracle - Pt. 1

Cliff Collins

The Voice Behind The Machine

Tom Eicher

Together Forever
Walking the Green Fields at Night

Justin Fleming

Witness - Chapter One (Off Site)

Michael Foord


Ian Howlett

CyberShock: Ascendancy

John Jacobs


M.Alan Kazlev


Chris Pike

Going For A Walk

Rob Potter

A Slightly Better Day
Into The Fire

Paul Sadler

Mandel's Organ {part one of a work in progress}

Kenji Siratori

HUMAN_WORMS [internet remix edition]

Scott Slemons

A Set of Interconnecting Stories
The City Was Quiet
A Day In The Park

Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca


Chris Villemarette

The Heavy Handed Adventures of Retchfield and Crynge (PDF File)