While this site will remain set up as such as an archive of the original website (Cyberpunk: Project Jericho, now renamed The Gentleman Loser) that I ran years ago, and regular updates to this page will not be something anyone should expect, I have made a little bit of an addition to the site.


Several years back, I took the plunge and imported the Japanese version of Johnny Mnemonic, so that people could get a rundown of what the (many) differences between it and the US version were.  With that info I created a separate page on the site to discus and cover that.


I have expanded that page ever so slightly by the addition of a .zip file containing a detailed collection of screenshots of the (elaborate) Japanese Johnny Mnemonic DVD menu system, as well as over 80 screenshots from those added scenes.  You can download it here.


The site will remain set up as such as an archive of the original website (Cyberpunk: Project Jericho, now renamed The Gentleman Loser) that I ran years ago.  That was a long time ago, and I was a different person back then.  My interest in the Cyberpunk genre is still present, but my desire to further evolve this site is no longer present, nor, I suspect, is there any relevant way to further grow the site.  My interests, nevertheless, have expanded outward to other endevours.

There is still the Ghost in the Shell miniPAGE.  That was the most recently expanded upon part of the site, and if you haven't been here since the good old Project Jericho days, you may want to check this newer section out.


It has been awhile.  And while it was wonderful to be graciously hosted at bitstreamnet.com, it is tome for me to move on.  So I have finally acquired a server of my own to host the site.  I have also decided to change the name, because I didn't really think it would be good for this site to be confused with a biblical site or something.  As I said before, the name had no reference to the biblical Jericho, I literally named it after the first CD I saw when I looked up at my CD shelf (Prodigy's single for 'Jericho').


So no real updates other than that.  That and the shiny new Ghost in the Shell miniPAGE.  There are sections of it that are marked as unfinished, and I promise to deal with them in a timely manner.


That is all.

PS - Completely unrelated this this site is my music site on the same server.  http://thegentlemanloser.com/music


As usual, it has been awhile since the last update. 


Well, here is what is new with the most recent update.  A review of a new book, and independent publication called 'Mr. Blur".  I have also added two new sections to the Cyberpunk Movies area.  There are now sections for Cyberpunk Documentaries (which will be added to sometime in the near future) and a section for Cyberpunk Television. 


There is also a new addition to the Stories section, by Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca.  It is a work of prose called Distortion.  I also have done (just a little) updating to Subjectio Nex.


Small update this time, so still, don't forget to check out Connection Terminated by Gordon Calleja and HUMAN_WORMS [internet remix edition] by Kenji Siratori.

Basically, the new story that I mentioned I had started, well, it isn't finished, but I want to still have it on the site.

It can/will be found in the 'stories' section, under my name, under the tentative title Subjectio Nex. When reading this, keep in mind that it is not only incomplete, but also only minimally proofread. However, I would very much appreciate it if people would contact me at my EMAIL and tell me what they think.  Also, yes, I will admit that this is a rather cheesy title for the story, but it is really just a working title. I don't plan on keeping that as the title.

So what I will do is periodically update it. I will not mention updates on this front page, so just keep an eye on the story. It's sort of a darker story, and certainly a little graphic.  Consider yourself warned (it really isn't that bad, yet). So go check it out already.

PS.  If you arrived to this site via 'The Cyberpunk Project' at http://project.cyberpunk.ru/links.html, could you please notify them that they are using an outdated URL to my site.  I do not no how long that old server will keep the forwarding page up.  Please tell them to change http://students.uww.edu/klessigjm17 to http://bitstreamnet.com/projectjericho .  I have tried to make contact, but have failed.



Wow.  It has been awhile since the last update, so I figure that this best be a good update.  And it is.

Two new stories added (I lost some of my email box, so if you had a story that should have been added to this update, email me).  Gordon Calleja comes in with his hallucinary story Connection Terminated.  We also have, well, something a little different.  Kenji Siratori gives us a taste of something wicked with HUMAN_WORMS [internet remix edition].  Some may call it trash, others might call it genius, I can only come with one word to describe it, 'HyperProse'.  Whatever it is, it is something different, and a little kick in the ass now and again goes a long way.

I also have updated the reviews sections with my recent Ghost in the Shell mania.  Also, I recently went on a minor Pat Cadigan binge, so I have added (finally) reviews to 'Mindplayers', 'Synners' (KickAss!), and 'Tea From an Empty Cup'.  These can be viewed HERE.

For those interested, I have finally started to write again myself.  I am working on a story with the working title of 'Subjectio Nex', but that will likely not be the finished product's name.  Murder and genetic engineering as art, with a dash of spiritual nihilism built in.

PS.  If you arrived to this site via 'The Cyberpunk Project' at http://project.cyberpunk.ru/links.html, could you please notify them that they are using an outdated URL to my site.  I do not no how long that old server will keep the forwarding page up.  Please tell them to change http://students.uww.edu/klessigjm17 to http://bitstreamnet.com/projectjericho .  I have tried to make contact, but have failed)



Only a few updates this time around.  I changed some graphics around, decided on a different menu graphic design, and added a CafePress shop.  Yep, you read it right, I opened a Cyberpunk: Project Jericho CafePress site.  I have chosen not to receive a profit in order to keep the price as low as the fine folks at CafePress will allow me to.  Yeah, I am that nice...no seriously...no sarcasm.  So go to the CafePress Shop and choose between either the cool Barcode Bumper Stickers or the Project Jericho Hat.  Who knows what else I will add to the CafePress shop in the future.  And remember kids, consumerism is bad.


Oh yeah, if you really don't like the new menu (but I can't see why you wouldn't), look around, there's a way to change it...




Well there are a bunch of updates.  New stories.  "ENGEL" by John Jacobs, a time travel sci-fi that pulls it off without reading like fluff.  I have also updated the links to my email address, as I am about to change addresses (note that in each link to my email address, I insert words in capital letters into the middle of them that must be removed to send the email.  This is to avoid spam.)

I have acquired the Japanese edition of Johnny Mnemonic, which had quite a few significant differences from the versions available to the rest of the world.  I have made updates to the movie section, and created a separate page within the movie section to detail the new bits from the Japanese cut of Johnny Mnemonic.  You can go view that now by clicking right HERE.  More than that, I have added a thing or two to the Cyberpunk 101 section.  One of these days I plan on adding CSS code to the Cyberpunk 101 section so that the menu can be more efficient and the site more aesthetically pleasing.

Also, I have created a new menu graphic for the website, so I want to try it out and see how it works.  By the way, if you want to look at some of the previous versions of this new menu, click HERE.

I have also done a handful of maintenance changes.  There were some problems with strange characters appearing in the pages, this was apparently due to converting .DOC files to .HTML files using MS Word's built in converter.  I have gone through the website, and rebuilt each .HTML file that was created this way, so everything should be working well.



Did some maintenence updates, trying to deal with the weird characters the are occasionally popping up in my text.  Also, I am happy to announce the addition of two new stories to the Stories section.  The first story, by Ian Howlett, is CyberShock: Ascendancy, a romp through a VR game with an AI gone wild.  The second new story is much more like a novella.  Chris Villemarette brings us cyberpunk satire in The Heavy Handed Adventures of Retchfield and Crynge, but watch out, it's in PDF format, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.  Also, I uploaded more updated drafts of most of my own short stories, so they are a bit better to read now.  To view other updates made, feel free to browse the update log...




So for the first time since the site moved, I have made an update, and boy was it major.  I was up all night, and have finally added the movie section.  I updated the book section to have extra author info, new reviews, and a more appeasing page layout.  Most importantly, I have ran through the entire website with a fine toothed comb to clear out the spelling errors that plagued the site and made me look unprofessional.  The links section was also severely overhauled; new links have been added as well as sections for different kinds of cyberpunk links.  This site good looking again, just as it should be!




Hey-O!  Well it appears that you have found your way to my website's new location.  It seems as though the people that owned the deathrobots.com domain lost their lease, and now some evil pornographers are using it to forward to their dirty little webcams.  This is my current housing for my website; a subdomain may be coming soon so watch for that.  As for the site itself, it has undergone some revisions, so enjoy that.  I will be adding to the cyberpunk movies section anyway now.  Really, I promise.  Also, my old Email address statik@deathrobots.com is no longer valid.  For now, send any and all emails to klessigjm17@uww.edu.  My apologies for the inconvenience and hopefully all the people that linked to my site can update their links quickly so that people can quickly find their way to this site




I did a few slight updates.  I wrote another short story, but I was not very happy with it, so I made a hidden link to it.  So if you are intersted, you shouldn't have to much trouble finding where I hid it.  Also, there has been slight activity in the Message Board which put a bit of smile on my face, perhaps more of you will start to vist.  Also, to the hidden pages (if you found them, you will know it) I added a simple page that links to my website on MP3.com.  Yes it's self promotion, but it's my site and if I can promote anywhere I should hope I can do it here!  Also, since I canceled my plans of ever finishing further installments of ICE (the plotline just seemed tired) I will probably hide the most recent plans.  Incidentally, the old original plans for ICE are already hidden on this site (I love hiding stuff). Very lastly, I would like to mention that I updated the GURPS Cyberpunk section of the site a little bit.   If anyone knows of any GURPS Cyberpunk resources that I could add to the GURPS section please email me at statik@deathrobots.com .


Well there hasn't been much activity in the message board and i can't say I am not disappointed.  I was really hoping that it could grow into an important part of the site.  Anyway, as you may have noticed, I ditched the 'Other' section as the 'Cyberpunk 101' section has made it obsolte.  Cyberpunk 101 has been given a facelift with it's newly designed menu system.  There have also been little hidden changes throughout the site.  Lots of stuff to find if you acctually hunt for it.  The site is more than it seems...



Well I added a message board which is kinda a nice addition I had wanted to add for some time now.  I hope lots of you join it.  I promice that I will eventually get around to filling the holes left in the GURPS Cyberpunk section, my laptop is now available to get the missing documents.  Lastly I added a log of the updates.  Just because.



The new Cyberpunk: Project Jericho is open! Enjoy the new Cyberpunk 101 section as it has been expanded to cover all things cyberpunk. Not just books, but games and movies. Well the movies part isn't done yet. However, Cyberpunk 101 has quickly became the biggest part of the site, so enjoy. Also, please keep contributing your short stories, they are the real main attraction. Also remember that if you link to my site or bookmark it, that you should change them to the new cyberpunk.deathrobots.com server.